What Women Wish Men Understood About Pregnancy

pregnant woman

Pregnancy can be a joyous time.  It can also be a time of high emotions, sickness, feeling tired, frequent bathroom trips, expanding stomachs, and so much more.  Sometimes the men in our lives just don’t understand what we are going through while cooking a new life.

I have asked some of my friends what they wish men understood about pregnancy.  I have to agree with all of them.


“My emotions will be out of whack. I may yell at you and it’s really not your fault. Don’t yell back and Don’t say “oh honey you’re just pregnant”. Just nod and try to ride the wave.”Nolie at Nolie’s Place.


“While this pregnancy does mean you’re going to be a father – It doesn’t mean you get to turn into MY father. Now, be quiet and hand me another doughnut.”Kenda at Remaking June Cleaver.


“No. Really. I cannot tie my own shoes.”Trisha at MomDot.


“I’m sooo dang tired…all the time.”Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three.


“I wish they’d understand that bathroom trips are frequent. Please don’t ask why the pregnant lady needs to pee again.”Maria at Stellar Spark.


“That pregnancy makes you TIRED. That I may be a little bit crazed from hormones. Yes I will cry at weird/stupid/silly things. And that WE are not pregnant.”Alison at Being Alison.


“That I feel needier than usual, even though I’m otherwise a fun, independent gal. I need help, reassurance, and to be told I didn’t gain that much weight.”Penelope at Penelope’s Oasis.


“That no matter how hard he tried to help comfort me (in the last month or so…) that he wasn’t helping…and that speed bumps are the enemy of pregnant women.”Nina at The One Fantastical.

What is one thing that you wish men understood about pregnancy?
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  1. Maria says

    Thanks for including me in this great list, too! Everything here rings true!
    And oh how I remember needing help getting my shoes on! Men, please take notice :)

  2. says

    If you felt like you were just about to throw up, with the sweaty feeling and the juicy cheeks, all the time, you’d be bitchy too.


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