Welcome to Middle School

I really just can’t believe my oldest has started middle school this year.

Where has the time gone?

It seems just yesterday…


He was my little baby.

He changed my world.

I discovered true happiness and what love really is…


He taught me to laugh again.

In the blink of an eye,

He grew from baby to child…


and child to young man…


I feel like a new mom again.

Only this time I’m worrying about…

Him finding his own place,

Him finding girls,

Him needing me less…

But, it has to happen.  We have to stand back and watch as they succeed and fail.  We have to let go and let them learn.

We have to let them grow up…

middle school

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  1. Time sure does go by way to fast! says

    My daughter just started high school this year & when I look at her she looks grown. Its all so surreal. I also have 2 boys. One is in 4th & the other in 2nd. Its so amazing to see them grow & mature into adults. I hope your son has a great school year!


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