Trying to Get Pregnant? Save Money on Supplies!

When I was trying to get pregnant with my third child, it took a while.  In fact, it took a year.

I had one injection of the depo shot which lasts for three months.  It took a year for me to conceive after the shot had worn off.  Crazy stuff.  I won’t use it again.  That is a whole other post.

I know when it took so long to get pregnant, I kept getting more and more anxious and crazy.

The first few months I just let nature take it’s course.  I don’t think I even had a period for a while.  Once my period returned, I became interested in tracking my cycles.

At first it was just simple tracking.  Then as the months went on, I began looking for ways to help in the process of getting pregnant.

I found out that you can track your temperature.  Your temperature changes throughout your cycle and a noticeable drop can signal that you are about to ovulate.  So, I decided to purchase a special thermometer that measures temperature precisely.  Back then I think I paid $10 for a basal thermometer.  I have since found that you can buy one on Amazon for $4.86!

Basal Digital Thermometer

Other: $10 $4.86 for the Veridian Basal Digital Thermometer

basal thermometer

So, I tracked my temperature every day to get a baseline and to be able to predict when ovulation was coming. Still nothing… no positive pregnancy test.  I searched and searched for other ways of speeding along the process.

Then I found out that there are ovulation test strips.  You pee on it and it tells you if ovulation will occur in the next so many hours.  If it’s positive, you best be getting busy soon!

I bought some to try out because I thought maybe I wasn’t ovulating.  The ones I found were at least a dollar a piece for a 30 pack.  I recently found some a whole lot cheaper on Amazon!  $10 for a 50 pack!  I can’t believe how much money I wasted four years ago while trying to get pregnant!

Ovulation/Fertility Test Strips

Other: $30/30-count $9.35 for the Wondfo One Step Ovulation Test Strips 50-count

ovulation strips

Each month I would get impatient and spend so much money on pregnancy tests.  I don’t think my husband knows how much I actually spent and if he did, he’d probably not be too happy.  I’m not happy with myself.  It’s like an addiction when conceiving takes so long.  You get the itch to test even before you miss your period because you have been waiting so long.  POAS (peeing on a stick) is an addiction.

I used to buy pregnancy tests at stores for $5 each.  For one!  I recently found that you can buy 20 of them for that price on Amazon!  20 sticks!  That’s what 20 months worth?

Or two if your crazy like me…

Why didn’t I know all of this before?

Pregnancy Test Strips

Other: $5/1-count $4.84 for the One Step Pregnancy Test Strips 20-count

hcg testI really wish I had known of these cheaper options when I was trying to get pregnant a few years ago.  Maybe I can help some of  you out and save you some money through my mistakes and findings.

At least I’ll know for next time!

How about you?  Are you trying to get pregnant?  Are you a POAS-aholic?

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