Stop Zombie Mouth This Halloween with Halloween Candy Alternatives

This Halloween, the American Dental Association and PopCap Games are offering an amazing treat when it comes to Halloween candy alternatives.  Free games for kids!

stop zombie mouth

In an attempt to raise awareness about the importance of kids oral health, they are offering free game coupons (redeemable for the full PC/Mac edition of Plants vs. Zombies) to anyone wishing to give them away.  

I love Plants vs. Zombies! (Here is a little musical treat for the kids):

The downloadable coupons are available at and can be redeemed at the same location by kids from October 30th – November 10th.

This is an awesome treat for the kids to receive on Halloween night as an alternative to mouth rotting candy.  The game normally sells for $19.95!

You can also ask if your local dentist has the limited-edition collectible Plants vs. Zombies trading cards which include the code for the free full game.

plants vs. zombies trading cards

free game code

I will be giving these out this Halloween and I’m very excited about it!

stop zombie mouth trading cards

What are you planning to give out on Halloween?
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