Leftover Jar Baby Food Recipes

 What can you do with leftover jar baby food once baby grows into ‘big people’ food?

I was curious to know this since I probably have over 200 jars of baby food in my cabinet.  I had heard you could mix it into other recipes to use it up and add flavor, so I searched out some leftover jar baby food recipes and thought I would post some of the tastiest ones I found.  (Excluding the dog treats!)  The original source is posted below each photo! Enjoy!

Baby food dog treatsBaby Food Dog Treats

Baby Food Banana Colada CupcakesBaby Food Banana Colada Cupcakes

baby food banana cupcakesBaby Food Banana Cupcakes

baby food carrot cake recipeBaby Food Carrot Cake

Baby Food Prune CakeBaby Food Prune Cake

When you’ve finished using up all of those baby food jars, check out some of the awesome baby food jar crafts you can do using them!

Do you use baby food in any of your recipes?

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  1. says

    Thanks for the shout-out for our Baby Food Dog Treat recipe. I loved your other creative ideas for how to use baby food too – I remember my grandma has a recipe for Baby Food Bars which are so delicious and moist!!

  2. says

    You listed one of my recipes (thank you!) and I have to say I love using baby food to cook with – it is always ripe, always smooth and so effortless. I just wait for sales now (my youngest is 19 months old) until my next baby comes this winter – then I can buy it like crazy once again 😉 BTW, it makes great fat subs in baking. I think it is better than using applesauce!

  3. Melissa says

    I used baby food bananas in place of eggs in pancakes the other day. I bet you could make banana bread too.


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