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Have you seen this picture from Granola Babies floating around facebook?

all good mothers

It’s supposed to be a reminder to all mother’s that no matter how you parent, as long as you love and care for your child, you’re a great mother.  Breast or bottle?  Circumcised or uncircumcised?  Cloth or disposable diapers?  Religion or not?  As long as we are showing our children love, we are just as good a mom as the next.

Instead, the picture was taken too far by the wonderful people of facebook on many different facebook pages.  One in particular is Jen from Life With Levi‘s Facebook Page.  You can see how it explodes into something horrible instead of celebrating our mothering differences and that we all are still great mothers.

Jen has started a link up for us moms to celebrate the reasons we are all still good mother’s  no matter how we choose to parent our children.

Reasons I am A Horrible Mother

 I breastfed my first child for only 6 weeks.  He was then bottle fed.

I breastfed my last two children for over two years despite odd comments and looks from family and friends.

I am not afraid to pop my boob out anywhere when baby is hungry.

I circumcised my first two boys.  If current baby is a boy, he will not be circumcised.

I use disposable diapers most of the time.

I don’t spank as often as some think I should.  And I spank more than others think I should.

I let my kids eat fast food sometimes.

I let them eat candy and drink soda sometimes.

I don’t keep any drinks in the house besides water and juice.

I don’t keep many snack foods in the house besides fruits and veggies.

I let them fight – and make up.

I let them wear fake tattoos.

fake tattoo

I have coslept with most of my children and still do with my almost two year old.

My daughters will not have pierced ears until they can ask and care for it themselves.

Sometimes I get angry and yell at them.

Most of my kids eat dinner without washing their hands first.

I let them play in the sprinkler in a diaper.

sprinkler in diaper

I vaccinate on schedule.

I have given my kids the flu shot.

I don’t homeschool.

My almost two year old is still rear facing and my 5 year old is still in a car seat.  They will stay that way as long as possible.

I don’t teach my children any one religion.

I don’t disinfect toys/bottles/pacifiers.

I let my kids play xbox/computer/and other games.

I love all of my children, all of the time.

They are all happy.  They are all healthy.  They are all loved.

happy healthy kids

I am not a horrible mother.

I’m sure some of these things may make me a horrible mother in some mother’s eyes.  But it shouldn’t have to.  I love my children just as much as those who do things differently.  So let’s stop the bickering on the best way to raise our children, and just celebrate that we are all different, yet just as capable mothers.

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