New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids

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I have four kids.

I can’t remember the last time I went out to celebrate New Year’s Eve as an adult.  And I’m happy with that.  I enjoy bringing in the New Year with my kids as a family.

With my kids ages ranging from 2-13, it’s hard to balance the activities and so that each one can enjoy a little something before scooting off to bed.  Here are some ideas for kids of different ages to have a little fun celebrating the New Year.

New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids – Little Ones

I don’t like to keep my little ones up until midnight.  It takes a toll on their bodies and really throws off their routine for a few days.  So, I think an activity or two in the evening for them will be good.

Decorate a Party Hat – Take a plain piece of paper and roll it into a cone.  Tape to secure.  Cut the bottom to form an even circle.  Tape pieces of ribbon to each side on the inside.  These can be used to tie under the little ones chin.  Let the little one decorate the hat as they see fit with glitter, markers or whatever they can imagine.  You could use old wrapping paper and ribbon leftover from Christmas to be more frugal.

Toast the New Year with Milk & Cookies – Little ones love milk and cookies and it’s a great way to celebrate the New Year with them before tucking them in.

Celebrate Midnight a Few Hours Early – My little ones are small enough they don’t really know what time it is yet anyway, so I plan to move the festivities up a few hours for them.  We can countdown to the New Year a few hours early and they will be none the wiser.

New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids – Older Kids

My older kids will probably last longer than I do tonight.  I’m pregnant and have two little ones to chase after all day, I don’t know if I’ll make it until midnight.  But it can still be a fun night filled with celebration for the older kids as long as I can last.

Pizza Party – Make dinner a homemade pizza party, getting everyone involved with their own toppings and ideas.

Family Game Night – With the kids staying up later, New Years Eve is a great night to plan a family game night with the older kids once the younger ones are in bed.  My kids received a few new games for Christmas and tonight will be the perfect night to try them out.

Make Goals for the New Year/Remember the Old – Have the older kids write down memories from the past year to keep as a keepsake.  And they can also add their goals/resolutions for the next year to look back on.  This New Year’s Resolution printable worksheet will be perfect.

Make a Mocktail for Toasting – Break out the toasting glasses and let the kids celebrate with these refreshing and alcohol-free mocktail recipes to get in the spirit!

What are your plans for the kids on New Year’s Eve?  Do you celebrate with or without them?


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