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My fourth child has been doing wonderfully with potty training.  At only 20 months, she started going into the bathroom on her own and sitting on her little potty to actually use it!

Now, she often runs around naked, and has several older brothers and a sister so I am sure this is why she started so young.

She is almost two now (in a week!) and is still doing very well.  If she doesn’t have training pants on, she will use the toilet.  But night time is a different story.

Toilet Training At Night

Our night time routine consists of brushing our teeth, reading a story and then making sure the little ones have used the bathroom.  I then put a pull-up on the little one and put her in bed.  Usually in five minutes she is fast asleep.

I don’t have any advice on how to get kids to stop wetting themselves at night.  It kind of just happens.  And I know my youngest it will probably be a while still before she has the control to go so long without using the bathroom, or to wake herself up and go to the toilet.

I am excited to try the new PULL-UPS® Night*Time Glow in the Dark  for my daughter at night.  They have added absorbancy for massive wetting overnight, and they glow in the dark!  You just charge them under a light, turn the light off and watch them glow!  My little one would love these!

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    How fun that they glow in the dark! And have extra absorbency. I have been buying trainers for Landon that have trains on them, not saying what brand, but they just seem so thin and he’s so full in the morning!

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