My Next Project – Felt Play Mat Ideas

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest


Pinterest is crazy.

It is beautiful – I’ve seen so many amazing photos on Pinterest that I would not have seen otherwise.

It is addictive – I’ve known many who have forced themselves to ‘take a break’ from Pinterest because it sucks them in.

It is creative – The thing I love about Pinterest is that it has motivated me to get off my rear and do something.  I have a board called Pinterests I’ve Done 2012.  I made this board to ensure that Pinterest is an active and physical outlet for me and not just another reason to sit in front of the computer screen all day.

One of the next projects I want to work on is creating some of theses felt play mats for my kids.



Source: via Jenny on Pinterest


They look so cute and pretty simple to make.  I found a site called Factory Direct Craft that has a nice selection of craft supplies for kids.  They have a section just for felt squares that I’m going to check out for this play mat project.

I’ve never done any crafts with felt before, so I’m not sure how much I’ll need.

I’m eager to get started though, and will, of course, post my results once I have a finished project!

So cool!  And it’s all thanks to Pinterest.

*Post inspiration has been provided. All thoughts are my own.

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