Meet The Newest Little Ones…

These little guys are the best pets for young kids and teens to start out on.

We adopted Oreo for my son Isaiah. Oreo is perfectly wired and always bouncing around, just like Isaiah:

pet rat

And Butterfingers for my son Tyler.  Butterfingers is also perfect for Tyler.  She loves to lay around and hide in soft, dark places:

pet rat

And Jillian for myself and my daughters.  Jillian is the only one who loves the wheel.  She is constantly exercising on it.  Hence, the name Jillian:

pet rat

How do you think Jillian Michaels would love having a pet rat named after her?


  1. says

    I had a friend who had pet rats, they were so sweet. I, myself, have yet to really get a feel for a pet rat. I just can’t deal with mice and rats. Although these are sooo adorable!!

  2. says

    They are cute, friendly and inquisitive. I used to work at a pet shop that sold pet rats – my favorite were the hairless ones!

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