Living Rich on One Income – Family Fun

In the previous posmovie timet in this series I mentioned that we use Netflix for our television entertainment instead of subscribing to a cable or satellite provider. Netflix also helps us to save money on dates.

I can’t remember the last time I have been to a movie theater to see a brand new movie. Do I miss it? No. My husband and I don’t really go out on ‘dates’. We stay in. And we ‘date’ almost every evening. We make sure the kids are all in bed or in their rooms by 8 pm every night and that gives us a couple of hours to enjoy time together however we like. We can just sit and talk or pull up a movie that we haven’t seen on Netflix instant streaming. Through in some popcorn and some snuggle time and it’s the perfect date. This may not be something that you are willing to give up and that is a personal choice. We don’t miss the food aspect of dating either. Even if we wanted to spend $20 per meal for a night out, most of the meals on the menus would be way over our calorie budgets. (we are both making lifestyle changes with our eating habits). So, instead we just enjoy some 100 calorie popcorn or ice cream while snuggling up and watching a movie.

What about family fun and vacations? We haven’t taken many family trips together, but we plan on it this year. So, I can’t give very many tips on taking a family trip on a budget. If you participate in any reward points websites like or Swagbucks, then you could save all of your points and redeem them for gas cards or on certificates at Book early and take advantage of any packages. The hotel we are staying at this year has a package for it’s indoor water park that can save some money. It also has a refrigerator and microwave in our room. We plan to bring food along with us to save on eating out money and calorie-wise.

We are sticking close to home to save a little on gas since it is outrageous right now. We’re also planning to do several little things instead of one big vacation to spread the fun through the summer and to make the money we have budgeted go a little farther.

If you have any tips on how to have a nice vacation on a small budget I would love to hear them.

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