I Still Don’t Have A SmartPhone

cell phoneI am a woman of few words when it comes to talking on the phone.  I’m not big on talking on the phone and don’t do it very often.  Only to relay important or urgent information or instructions.

I have a cell phone, but it is always turned off.  It actually sits in my van, turned off, waiting for the off chance that I will need to use it in an emergency.  I don’t use it.  However, I am a very ‘mobile’ person.  I use my iPad for all of my mobile needs.  It stays by my side all day and by my bed all night.  I would be lost without it.

At times I wonder if I even need to keep my cell phone.  Every three months I’ll get an email reminding me that my service is about to expire and to add another air time card.  Even though it’s only every three months, when it happens, it’s always such a hassle.  And I don’t use it.  Why should I keep it?  I often think I should just Sell My Mobile phone and live life without it.  But then I worry that I might actually need it some day in the event of an emergency.  And so I keep it.

My husband is the same way.  He has a cell phone that he uses even less than I do.  But, it’s only for emergencies.

I think we both like to have something on hand in case we need it, but don’t want to feel like we are tied to our phones.  Most people don’t know how to keep their phones in their pockets anymore, even while visiting or at restaurants.  I want to be able to visit when I visit instead of always thinking, “I need to check my email” or something else.  But, that’s just me.  I like to take time to disconnect when I want to and it would be hard when a smartphone always comes with you.

Do you have a smartphone or a plain cell phone?  Do you find it hard to disconnect, even when you want to?
*Post inspiration provided.  All thoughts are my own.
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