Easy Peanut Butter Banana Cranberry Lunchbox Sandwich for Kids

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It’s so hard to make a variety of lunches now that school is back in full swing.  So many of the lunches they would eat at home would not be suitable for my kids to take to school with them.

Most of the time my kids are okay with eating peanut butter and jelly, but they often get tired of it.  “PB&J again! Ugh…”

So, I try to get creative and mix things up a bit.

One sandwich I love eating is peanut butter and banana.  Yum!

Recently I even tried changing that up a little bit by adding cranberries.

I love cranberries and some of my kids are pretty good at eating whatever I throw at them.  It was pretty good and most of the kids enjoyed it as well.

Peanut Butter Banana Cranberry Sandwich

For the bread, I used the new Smart White for Kids bread from Wonder bread.

I wanted to try it since it has no high-fructose corn syrup.  It’s also only 50 calories a slice which I love!  The bread is also packed with nine essential vitamins and minerals as well as fiber and calcium.

  • I spread some peanut butter on the bread.  I think I will try Almond butter next time.
  • The bananas I sliced length wise and then sprinkled a small amount of dried cranberries on them.
  • Add another piece of bread to hold it all together and enjoy!
What is your favorite easy lunchbox sandwich to make for your kids?

If you need more inspiration, you can try out The Sandwich Wonder-izer to give you some ideas of spicing up your kids lunches.  Or head to the Wonder Bread Facebook page and click ‘like’ to stay up to date with recipes and more!

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