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Need a great gift idea for that poor exhausted new mother or father? I have an idea that might help!

dohm sound machine

I was sent a Dohmie sleep machine bundle to help my little one sleep. How does it work? Well, let me first tell you a little background information.

I, myself, grew up using a fan as white noise to help me sleep. I never understood why we used fans when we were little, but now as a parent, I get it. You don’t want ANY noise waking up a sleeping baby or napping toddler.

So we began using fans in our kids rooms pretty early on. The only problem with fans is that they can make the room cold. And our kids rooms are upstairs where there is no heating system (we use space heaters, we don’t let them freeze).

We also use window a/c up there in the kids rooms which are a very loud kind of white noise.  Since it’s cold, we have turned them off, but my kids got used to the loud white noise and the fan just wasn’t cutting it. My 3 year old would constantly come into our room crying because she thought something was coming upstairs to get her.  But, it was only my two older sons banging around downstairs.

Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle

The Dohm sound machine was literally in my shopping cart when I got an email to try out the Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle. Yay! So, I was eager to try it.

dohm sound machine

The bundle includes:

  • the Dohm Sound Machine
  • a Sleep 101 guide
  • an original “Buddy the Bee” storybook

I have now used it in several places.

In the baby’s room

I have used it for baby (who sleeps in my room) and it does seem to help block out the noise for her. A big plus since I like my sleep.

In toddler’s room

I ordered another one to put in my girls bedroom.  I will say that it is only as loud as the fan. It is not as loud as a window a/c, so she can still hear the boys making noise downstairs, though maybe not quite as much because she hasn’t been in our room crying for a while. I was honestly a little disappointed that it wasn’t louder.

In the boys room

And there is another in my boys room.  My 11 year old has stolen it and sleeps with it right by his pillow.

In the living room

The white noise is definitely needed in the living room. Baby likes to sleep on me as I rock in my chair and with four other kids, she often gets woke up.  The white noise helps to drown out some of the noise they make.

Overall, I am pleased with it.  I liked it enough to buy more.  It is a little smaller than I thought, judging by the pictures, but I like the small size.  It makes it easy to carry to different rooms if I need to for baby to sleep.

I also like that it just keeps running, it isn’t a playback loop that will shut of eventually.  And it isn’t a fan that makes the room cold and changes sound sometimes or starts clicking or rattling. ( I hate that!)

 I would definitely recommend it to any parent of a small child or any child that needs a little extra white noise to get and stay asleep.

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*Post inspiration provided by Mom It Forward Blogger Network and Marpac.All thoughts are my own.

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