Cutest Birthday Cakes For Little Girls

My daughter will be 4 in August!  It’s hard to believe!  Anyway, I have been looking at birthday cakes for little girls to get some ideas for her and found some really cute (and awesome) ones.  Now if only I could find someone awesome to make one of these!

butterfly cake


pink dinosaur cake


the hungry caterpillar cake


angry birds cake


horse cake


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  1. says

    My daughter will be 7 this month and I am going to attempt to make her a Hello Kitty cake. I bought a cute cake pan from Wilton, just got to get my apron on and get to making it.

    • Jenny says

      I am not much of a baker at all! I can’t even imagine trying to shape something out of cake and make it look pretty.

      Good luck to you! And happy birthday to her!

  2. BeautyToLove says

    WOW, the Birthday Cakes are BEAUTIFUL! I love the Butterfly Cake! I wish I could make cakes that were this pretty. :) :)

  3. christal maki says

    I just love the horse cake! ! The horse can looks so real! It’s beautiful! If there is a way I could order that cake or if you have a store in Michigan, PLEASE LET ME KNOW !!!! THANKS!! GREAT CAKE!!!

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