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I recently received a full-size sample of CoverGirl Natureluxe Silk Foundation and CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm to from to test and review.  I rarely wear makeup.  It’s not a top priority in my everyday life.  But when I do wear it, I love lip gloss and I may put on a little blush and mascara.  I have sensitive, dry eyes and find that anything near my eyes causes them to feel dry and tired.

I loved the way the Silk Foundation went on smoothly.  I find a lot of foundations feel heavy and thick and that wasn’t the case.  It was light and didn’t feel greasy.  It did a pretty decent job of covering some of my red spots and evening out my skin tone for being such a light weight foundation.  See for yourself in the photo below (but ignore the funny face!).  The only drawback for me was that it did start bothering my eyes after a few hours of wearing it.

covergirl before after

I loved the Gloss Balm!  I don’t like the sticky feel of lipstick and I don’t like too wet of a gloss feel either.  This was perfectly in between.  It glided on smoothly and one pass was enough to give a sheer, subtle, hint of color.  I love the color they sent me and it smelled yummy, too.  My husband likes the more natural look (I’m glad since I don’t wear makeup often) and he complimented the look when he came home from work, saying he could tell I had something on, that it wasn’t too much and looked nice.

I would definitely recommend the Gloss Balm to anyone who likes a nice blend of lipstick/lip gloss.  As for the Silk Foundation, I think it’s a great option for those who don’t have dry, sensitive eyes and want a nice, smooth coverage.



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