Britax Boulevard 70-G3 – Safety You Can See

The Britax Boulevard 70-G3 convertible car seat has more safety features than any other brand and all of the features are safety you can clearly see.

britax boulevard 70-g3

Here are a few of the safety features that I love the most:

  • Base with SafeCell Technology – the Britax Boulevard 70-G3 features SafeCell Technology in the base which will compress in the event of a crash helping to keep the seat (and child) from flying forward toward the seat in front of it.

My little one’s head is the object of many dings and bruises lately. It is also one of the most important parts of her body right now and if it is damaged at such a young age, her life could be severely impacted. That is the reason it is so important that she is in a seat that will protect her little head from smashing into anything during an unfortunate accident.

  • Energy Absorbing Foam – the sides of the Britax Boulevard 70-G3 are deep side walls lined with energy absorbing foam which provides protection against side impact.
    • As an extra measure of protection the Boulevard also offers a second layer of protection with energy absorbing foan inside the head restraint that keeps the head, neck, and spine aligned.

I have always been more afraid of what could happen if any of my kids were impacted from the side during an auto accident. Would the seat be enough to protect them from the damage of getting hit right in the side? I feel so much more at ease with the Britax Boulevard having many layers of the Energy Absorbing Foam protecting them even from the sides. And the Integrated Steel Bars help to assure me even more (see next feature).

  • Integrated Steel Bars – The seat is strengthened with integrated steel bars along the back and bottom.

hugs chest pads

  • HUGS Chest Pads with SafeCell Technology – The chest pads are designed with Britax HUGS SafeCells which compress during an accident to manage energy and reduce forward movement. This is critical because even a slight increase in head movement during an accident has the potential to damage the head.

I love the design of the HUGS Chest Pads. I think they are great for older children and the design on the back and material they are made of make them slip-proof. They kind of grip whatever clothing the child is wearing so they won’t slip around.

*I did however, remove them on my daughter’s seat for now because they seem too bulky for her chest straps to stay flat against her chest. She is only 6 months and a little thing. I will be putting them back in for added safety once she is older. (The manual even recommends removing them for smaller babies).

  • 5-Point Harness – The harness is a quick-adjust, no re-thread harness.

I LOVE the quick-adjust, no re-thread harness! I bought her infant seat (which was not cheap) because of this feature. And I was happy to see that the Britax Boulevard also comes with this awesome feature! Who wants to keep taking out the straps to readjust as the child grows? And they grow quickly. This feature makes it easy and safe because you won’t mess the harness up putting it back together. And a five-point harness is always the safest type of harness for a child seat.

  • 70 Pound Weight Capacity – the Britax Boulevard 70-G3 is safe for kids 5-70 lbs.

britax boulevard

  • Built-In Lock-Off – The Seat belt from the vehicle is kept in place by built-in lock-offs on the child seat.

I love all of the added safety features that Britax develops to ensure that my children will be safe in the event of an accident. I feel more confident placing my child’s life in the hands of Britax. And having tried the seat out for myself, I have now seen what other seats lack in the way of safety.

This short slideshow shows some features I love that I may not have mentioned. And there are so many more, including Versa-Tether, so please check out the Britax Boulevard 70-G3 product page to learn more and see for yourself!


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Safety matters when it comes to car seats. I want one that will protect my child. And Britax convertible car seats have so many safety features — and knowing that makes me feel like my child is safe while in the car. Click here to learn more about Britax safety features.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Britax. The opinions and text are 100% mine.

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