Breastfeeding Boobie Balm – Homemade Nipple Cream Recipe

homemade nipple cream

I have been having so much fun making my own homemade products that I can pack in my diaper bag for the hospital.

Of course I’ll be taking my homemade probiotic deodorant to put to the test.  I also want to make a labor belly massage oil, homemade baby butt balm, and a few other things.  I only have a few weeks left so hopefully I can get it all done before I need it.

Yesterday I made Boobie Balm – homemade nipple cream – to use immediately following breastfeeding in those first few weeks.  I remember how sore, dry, and cracked the nipples can get when mom and baby are first learning to work together.

homemade nipple cream

Boobie Balm – Homemade Nipple Cream

This nipple cream has only three ingredients:

homemade nipple cream

*While I have used all of these ingredients in my own homemade lip balm, I will still be cautious about a newborn ingesting them.  It may be safe, but I will use right after breastfeeding and wipe any residue off before baby latches on again.  I would do this with any nipple cream, just to be safe.

Breastfeeding Boobie Balm – Homemade Nipple Cream


  • 2 parts coconut oil
  • 2 parts shea butter
  • 1 part beeswax (shredded)


  1. Melt the coconut oil over medium-low heat.
  2. Add the shea butter and allow it to melt as well.
  3. Add the beeswax and allow to melt. (beeswax takes a little longer to melt)
  4. Stir ingredients well.
  5. Pour liquid into container of choice and allow to set for 24 hours.

homemade breastfeeding boobie balm

I can’t wait to try this after baby is born.  I did rub a little on the back of my hand and it felt so smooth and nourishing for a very long time.  In fact, after a couple of days, that spot is still smooth and feels healthier than my other hand.

Stay tuned for more homemade products for labor and delivery coming soon (hopefully)!
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  1. Jill says

    This is awesome!! I def want to make this and try it since I’ve been using lanolin and it’s ok, but this looks wonderful! Where do I find the ingredients to buy? Health food store? Thanks!!

  2. says

    I totally want to try this!! Due April 10

    Question: where do you buy these ingredients??
    I have coconut oil but where do I get the other two??


    • Jenny says

      The jar is a re-used candle jar that I washed and sterilized. But I have heard many people buy little jars like that on amazon or through

  3. says

    I sooo could have used this. I was so raw and in pain with my daughter as she wouldn’t latch on right for the first few months. Everytime I took off a leak pad was like tearing open a sore wound, which is pretty much what was happening.

    • Jenny says

      Oh, I know. For my previous child, I got a blister the first day and it hurt every time she would nurse from that side.

  4. Jill says

    I just made some of this a threw a tiny bit of vitamin E oil in with it :) Looks excellent. I am due Nov. 9 and I can’t wait to use it 😀

  5. Jerri says

    I totally applaud your ambition, but.. Come on! I’m all for making my own baby food, etc.. (I wanted to know what I was feeding my baby) but, if you’re wiping it off before feeding again, which I totally recommend, does it really matter that much if it’s homemade? Spend those 20 mins taking a bubble bath for yourself or reading a book to your precious little one!

  6. Heather says

    Some women just rub their breast milk on their nipples after feeding to keep them from cracking, since breast milk is so healing. Otherwise, all you need is the organic, virgin coconut oil.

    I’d be careful using beeswax until you know whether your little one is allergic to pollen and bee things. I’m so allergic to bee pollen that I couldn’t even take vitamins with it listed as a “might contain” type of ingredient. On my hands is fine, but I can’t take milk thistle because it has pollen in it!

  7. Krista Ebbs says

    Just finished making a batch of this. It was super easy! I used 1/2 C bees wax, 1 C Shea butter and 1 C coconut oil. It filled two 4 oz. jars and then I had some left over that I just put in smaller little plastic containers I had, just so it didn’t go to waste. Can’t wait for my little one to get here and to try this stuff out! Thanks for the recipe :)

    • Jennifer Dickison says

      I do not think it would ‘expire’ or go bad. I think the ingredients might eventually break down in some way. But, I’m not sure. I’ve had my same jar for over 18 months now.

  8. jacquie says

    I’m a first time mom looking into homemade products and just wondering if this has to be wiped off before your baby feeds again I just worry about beeswax when you don’t know what they are allergic to, can anyone that has used this give me some insight please :) thank you

    • Jennifer Dickison says

      You know I think it would mix up fine, but I’ve read that cocoa butter can clog pores where Shea butter does not. I don’t know if that means it could possibly clog the milk ducts or not. You might want to research it a bit more before trying it.


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