Best Toys for Kids 2013 – My Favorite!

Have you finished shopping for Christmas yet?

No! Me either. I have started though which is more than I can say for last year around this time.

*Post inspiration provided. All thoughts are my own.

I like to watch for deals early on and see if I can grab some gifts at a discount. And I usually get excited when all of the Amazon lightning deals come around. I also like to keep an eye out for best toys of the year lists. One of the lists I found this year is the Best Toys for Kids 2013 list on I’ll show you some of my favorite toys from the list!

Best Toys for Kids 2013

Timeline Diversity

timeline diversity

My favorite from this list is the card game Timeline Diversity. My son and I really enjoy playing it together. My 6 year old daughter likes to pay as well, but she only guesses most of the time and can’t really read the cards yet.

The object of the game:  On each card is a description of something that happened in history. For example, when the microwave oven was invented.  The description is on both sides, but the date is only on one side. Each player gets 4 cards and places them on the table with the date side facing down.  Everyone takes turns trying to guess when one of their cards happened on the timeline. If they get it right, they leave the card on the timeline. If they guess wrong, the card is discarded and the player draws another card. This continues until someone has guessed all of their cards correctly.

The game is great because it only takes around 15 minutes to play. Anything longer than this and my kids usually get tired of playing. I also love that they are learning as they are playing. My son kept guessing his cards and saying, “I just learned that in history.” So it reinforces what they have already learned.

It’s a great little game to check out. I even loved it so much, I bought an animal version of the game!

Calico Critters Supermarket

Calico Critters Supermarket

Another favorite on the Best Toys for Kids 2013 list is the Calico Critters Supermarket. This one had things that I both loved and didn’t love about it. Mostly a couple of things that anyone should be aware of before buying this for your child.

Calico Critters Supermarket

What I loved:

It is adorable. All of the little miniature grocery store items are just too cute. Check out these photos.

Calico Critters Supermarket

Calico Critters Supermarket

Calico Critters Supermarket

Calico Critters Supermarket

The girls love playing grocery store and filling the little cart and grocery bag up with items they will need to make their dinner.

It is expandable. Their are many other play sets available to go with the Supermarket. Including a Discovery Forest and a Cozy Cottage.

What I don’t love:

Stickers, stickers, and more stickers. And folding of small items. This is more of a warning than something that I dislike. There are tons of little stickers to put on all of the tiny groceries. And little boxes of Cereal and cookies and other things that take time to fold. That’s all I’m saying is that this cute little supermarket will take time to put together. I probably spent 30-45 minutes putting stickers on everything.

This set does not come with a Calico Critter! Yes, it shows them on the box, but they are not included. I was a little disappointed. And so were my girls.

Other than that, it is a cute little playset that kids are sure to love.

Pulsar Powerballs

pulsar powerballs

These were awesome to create! The Pulsar Powerballs kit is a fun little kit filled with everything you need to easily make bouncy balls! And it includes 2 flashy lights to put inside the big balls.

pulsar powerballs

All of my kids enjoyed making a ball or two each. (And, of course, they fought over who gets the lights for their ball).

pulsar powerballs

pulsar powerballs

This fun little kit would be a great gift for any kid!

There you have it! Take a look through the Best Toys for Kids 2013 list and visit ASTRA on Facebook for more Great Gift ideas for this holiday season.

Which of the Best Toys for Kids 2013 do you think your kid would enjoy the most?
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  1. says

    OMG! I love “stickers, stickers and more stickers,” lol! I need that supermarket just for me!

    Love that squirrel in your header! It makes me smile every time I come to your blog. :)

  2. says

    Wow, I love those suggestions! My boys are obsessed with bouncy balls. I might have to look for the Pulsar powerballs for them. And, I think they’re a little young for it yet, but I LOVE that history card game. I’d never heard of anything like it before.

  3. says

    Wow, great gift ideas! I love to look for non-mainstream gifts for my kids. I think I am going to get that card game for my son, we love having family game night and I think we will all enjoy it.

    I love the little store too but the stickers I’m not sure about :)

    Thanks for these ideas!

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