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Give Yourself a Break BEFORE You Break!

It is the calm before the storm.  My mommy time.  Before I wake the two older boys up for school and before the toddler comes stomping down the stairs, it is quiet. I love my children, but I also enjoy my mommy time.  It is a chance to reflect and refresh without any distractions and to just sit down and remember who I am underneath all of the mom duties. […]

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High Frequency Sight Word Bingo Printables

I had the idea to make a sight word bingo game using my daughters’ high frequency sight words. She came home a few days ago saying that she had so much fun playing bingo at school, but that she never wins. My daughter’s teacher sent home a key ring of kindergarten sight words for her to practice at the beginning of the year.  These are words that are high frequency […]

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Is Bedwetting Normal?

You may be wondering, “is bedwetting normal” for your 6, 7, even 12+ year old.  That question is not an easy one to answer.  It helps to know that: It’s estimated that 1-4 children between the ages of 4-12 in the United States suffer from bedwetting. So, while it may not be considered ‘normal’, it is somewhat common and usually nothing to be concerned about.  It only takes time and […]