Gymboree Baby Line

Snuggle Your Baby with Extra Snuggly Clothing

  Is it just me or are these babies just adorable?!  I just want to squish their cheeks! They look so soft and cuddly wearing outfits from Gymboree’s newborn essentials. I have five kids already and the youngest is two.  I swore I was done having babies, but then I see a little one and get baby fever all over again.  I see all the cute baby clothes and pine […]

support local schools

Easy Ways to Support Local Schools

Our family has been lucky enough to live near great schools for our kids. I have five kids and they will all have attended the same little elementary school when it’s their time. This school has been so wonderful at building my children up in their education as well as teaching them how to be good little minions in general. With all of the support they have given my children […]

Easy Chicken Parmesan

Simple Meal Idea for Back to School

Life is busy. In the summer we are busy with swimming, nature parks, and outings of all sorts. But as school quickly approaches, I find myself staring at my calendar even more wondering how I’m going to manage it all. Between gymnastics, football, dentist and doctor appointments, girl scouts, and kids in all levels of school I will hardly have time to breathe. Forget cooking a delicious home-cooked meal every […]