Simple Valentine Heart Flower Craft for Kids

Heart Flowers in Vase My Little Me

This adorable little Heart Flower Craft was so simple for the little ones to make.  These flowers would be great for  preschoolers to make for Valentine’s Day or even for a simple Spring craft. We already had the supplies we needed laying around from our previous flower craft. The supplies you will need are: red (or any color) heart stickers – 5 per flower – ours were about 2 inches […]

Valentine Flower Craft for Kids

Blog Valentine Flower

My kids loved crafting this cute little Valentine Flower Craft this morning.  This is an easy craft for kids and doesn’t take long at all to make. While my older daughter was crafting this flower with me, the 2 year old was happily gluing pom poms on her piece of paper.  I love crafts that we can all do together and that we can incorporate the little one in as […]

Button Felt Fish Busy Bag for Toddlers

Button Fish My Little Me

I just love this Fish Busy Bag we created yesterday! I have been browsing around at all of the toddler busy bags and fine motor activities out there and I had to make one for my little one. Since my daughter was able to speak, she has asked to see the fish when we visit Walmart.  The moment we step inside and head in that direction, she screams, “Feesh! Feesh!”  […]

Hanging Hearts Easy Valentines Craft for Kids

heart craft for kids my little me

We are all about easy Valentines crafts for kids around here.  I love doing crafts for kids that are great fun for all ages since my kids range in age from 2 to 15.  Too easy and the older ones get bored.  Too hard and the youngest can’t participate. This craft contains a mixture of skill levels.  If you’re looking for a Valentines craft for preschoolers or toddlers, they will […]

Keeping the Bathroom Clean – What Goes on Behind Closed Doors?

Keeping the bathroom clean my little me

There comes a time in every adult’s life where they have to rise to the greatest challenge of owning a home:  keeping the bathroom clean. This task becomes especially difficult when you have children who think the toilet bowl is just a suggested area for use.  To them the entire bathroom floor is fair game. Between the stains on the floor, down the toilet and on the seat there’s also […]

Cinnamon Raspberry Dessert Shooters with Coconut Milk Whipped Cream

cinnamon raspberry dessert shooters with whipped cream my little me

While scrolling through Pinterest, I came across an easy trick for making Coconut Milk Whipped Cream. I’ve been wanting to try it, but kept putting it aside. And then I found the perfect opportunity to give it a go. My challenge was to create a new recipe (outside of breakfast) that used one of the following Quaker® products: Quaker® Real Medleys®, Quaker® Oatmeal Squares, Quaker® Simply Granola, or Quaker® Life […]

A Cell Phone Plan That Fits My Needs – Straight Talk Wireless

teen with cell phone

I remember how excited I was almost 10 years ago when I drove myself to the nearest cell phone store to purchase my first cell phone plan. I was excited that I’d have tons of minutes and texts so that I could talk to my family and customers while out and about. I had just started with a direct sales company and would be driving around most of the time. […]

How to Make an Animal Cell Model Using Candy

Candy Animal Cell Model My Little Me

My son recently had to come up with a unique way of creating an animal cell model by using any material he chose.  What better way to do this, than with candy! Snacks while you create! So we first had to look up what parts were included in an animal cell model.  He needed to choose and label six different parts.  So we had to put our brains together and […]